Nirmal Ram

Nirmal Ram is the Executive Head and the founder of the company. he was born on 1998 in Kerala,India  ( so called “Gods own country” ) . He is crazy in doing things . Every work he needed he did it perfectly . Talking about his childhood and family- he is youngest in his family .His passion made his dream come true. Since childhood he was very interested in computer programming .When he grew up he pursued for Bachelor of Technology In computer science Engineering in Kerala in 2016 ,  Since he was not one among the Brilliant students he didn’t reach IIT .But he was happy where he is .His college was at the heart of Kerala In Thrissur- The Land Of Festivals .His Hometown is in Malabar so, he used to stay back in hostel .He spend a year for  the first project PineappleM3 Store ( D-store now)  , an E-commerce website which sells graphic design  to public.Pineapplem3 is a start-up for helping students, businessmen, teachers and others.pineapplem3 upgraded its business model on September 2017.Now Pineapplem3 upgraded to IT service  providing start-up Company . This is his first step to his Dream and now he is doing research in Artificial intelligence. He founded the company on august 2016 where he failed to launch Twice. and He launched and took charge as Chief Executive Officer at pineapplem3 Industry on August 2017. On September 2017 he launched Mywork Inc.  the company’s official channel And released company official trailer . meanwhile he is practising his engineering career right now.


Pineapplem3 is a start-up focusing on Providing online based services like Graphics designing, web designing, Apps, and games development. Our new project Gene 1.0 is based on Artificial Intelligence. We are recently working on blogging about recent advancement in technology. We are still working to come up with new business model. Our main objective or mission is to create a software which is user friendly for both personal and business purpose.


On August 2017 pineapplem3 acquired the domain pineapplem3.Com and hosted for the budget of $60 /yr.